Characteristics of School-based Courses

The kindergarten draws up curriculum outline at all levels with reference to the “Guide to the Pre-primary Curriculum”, and makes comprehensive curriculum design with thematic Montessori, children’s Bible basic curriculum, sound and body and other elements, so as to take into account the development of children’s physical strength, language, cognition, emotional group and aesthetic feeling.


        We have adopted the basic course of children’s Bible, infiltrating the teaching of the Bible into each theme, so that children can know God, and learn the truth of the Bible in their life, such as knowing their own value, obeying their parents, respecting others, accepting others, etc.. And through the righteous training content in the course, let children know how to resolve conflicts with people, and understand some concepts in the category of character, such as: respect, self-discipline, honesty, wisdom, etc.


Montessori teaching method is adopted in this kindergarten, and we set up the Montessori 3-6-year-old mixed age optional area, so that children can learn freely in different areas according to their own interests and abilities. Through the mixed age model, children can stimulate each other, improve their learning motivation, learn to get along with people of different ages, develop social behavior, and cultivate their problem-solving ability.