School Profile

The Peace Evangelical Centre Kindergarten (Tsing Yi) established in 2001 is located on Cheong Hong Estate in Tsing Yi and covers an area of more than 8,000 square feet. ‘Praise the Lord’, we later acquired a place near the Kindergarten as parent-child reading room. This provides a quiet environment for parents and students to read, enhances parent-child relationship and cultivates children’s interest in reading. The number of students in the kindergarten has increased from 20 at the beginning to more than 2,00 at present.

Like the other three Peace Evangelical Centre Kindergartens, we adopt the model of Foundation Bible Course for Children of the University of Hawaii and the Montessori Curriculum to launch Christian Values and the child-centred Education. (i.e. Follow the child). According to statistics, more than 20,000 schools around the world implement Montessori teaching methods. Under our guidance, the character and behaviour of children have improved significantly. Their interests and abilities in learning have also improved. Therefore, the Peace Evangelical Centre Kindergarten has gained recognition by parents and educational professionals.


The current School Management Committee comprises of professionals: School Supervisor Mr. Leung Yiu-kuen is the Former Principal NLSI Peace Evangelical Secondary School, School Managers are Mr. Yuen Shu-tong (Certified Public Accountant), Ms. Wong Siu-lan (Founding Principal of Peace Evangelical Centre Kindergarten), Dr. Mok Kam-wah (the Associate Professor, Hong Kong Polytechnic University), Mr. Yeung Wing-cheung ( TVB Program Development Division Creative Manager), Mr. Lee Chi-keung (Certified Public Accountant), Mr. Liu Wai-cheong Samson (Retired Senior Valuation Officer ), Dr. Ng Wai-yam (Tsing Yi Peace Evangelical Centre Kindergarten Pastor.


Our kindergarten focuses on the importance of children’s spiritual cultivation. We expect our teachers to have good understandings of the Word of God, so as to bring transformation and growth for children. For all the four Peace Evangelical Centre Kindergartens, we have new themes in spiritual education every year. In addition to regular morning prayer meetings and retreats, there are also two Bible conferences and teacher-staff development days each year. Through these activities, we hope that our teachers can become good role models for our children. Through daily worship, individual talk and daily practices, our teachers literally walk with our children. We aim to develop children’s character, attitudes and behaviour, so they can grow and become experienced learners.


In terms of teaching, we aim to “strive for improvements while raising children”. Our kindergarten has designed the curriculum for each level in accordance with the “Kindergarten Education Curriculum” implemented by the Education Bureau. It is planned on the basis of Montessori Method, Biblical Foundation courses, and also physical and musical courses. We wish that children will have an overall and balanced growth in the following areas: moral, cognitive, emotional, physical and artistic development. Our teachers are required to participate in trainings regarding the Montessori Method, Biblical Foundation courses and disciplinary instructions.  In addition, they will engage in peer-reviews. They also participate in different kinds of professional training, such as Godly Play, character education and positive education lectures and happy reading: free reading and writing support plan etc., support services by HKYWCA. For children with special learning needs, we have invited HKYWCA to provide play therapy, music therapy and social groups, so as to enhance children’s emotional management and social skills.


As family is the first place for children to learn, we see parents as our important partners. We are committed to working together with them, and to achieving our common goals of providing nurture to children. Through the collaboration with church activities and lessons, parental parenting classes are held in the parent-child reading room. This will help build a child’s life with parents’ support. The Chaplain and the team of family service department have set up ‘parent school’ and a fellowship to lay the foundation for parents to raise their children. And also, parental sports classes, parental English classes, parental beliefs and support groups are also set up. Besides, parents’ needs are supported through visits and WhatsApp groups. In addition to meeting parents on a regular basis, the Kindergarten has parent-child activities at all levels and publishes parent publications, so that parents can better understand the Kindergarten and the life of children in school.


Based on the teaching of Jesus Christ, we inculcate our children to love God and others, to try their very best to fulfill their developmental tasks such as willing to learn, good at communicating, courageous in undertaking, brave in innovating and unleashing individual unique potentials.  We will continue to uphold the values of Christian education, and build up our kindergartens that please God and welcomed by people around as it has been.