School-based Learning Activity of Chinese Culture

Kindergarten Educational Scheme

School-based Learning Activity of Chinese Culture

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Peace Evangelical Centre Kindergarten (Tsing Yi)

Name of School:

2022-2023   K1-K3
School Year   Grade Level
Promotion of  “Chinese Culture and Arts” Activities
●   To help children learn about their country and Chinese culture, and to nurture  their sense of belonging to their country.
●  To cultivate their national concept and their sense of national identity.
●   To nurture children to become good citizens of abiding by the law, taking good care of public property, respecting and caring for others.
●   To help children continue to explore and appreciate different Chinese traditional customs.
●   To help children and parents understand traditional Chinese culture and stories.
 Summary of Activities
     With the teaching theme – Heavenly Father Loves Chinese – in K1 class, children will be cultivated with identification with Chinese and national identity from an early age. Furthermore, through whole-school activities, parent-child activities, and various teaching themes in K2 and K3 classes, relevant content will be infiltrated. They will, step by step, explore and appreciate different Chinese traditional customs and arts. To complement academic learning, Chinese culture learning will help them identify with Chinese culture and national identity, and at the same time, cultivate the good values of Chinese culture, so as to become good citizens of abiding by the laws and regulations, protecting  public property, respecting and caring for others.


   K1 Class: Theme – Heavenly Father Loves Chinese
   1)Know the geographical location of China, the national flag of China and the regional flag of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR)

  2) Know the specific features of Chinese

  3) Explore traditional Chinese clothing and food

  4) Know the panda and their living habits, and make Panda ink paintings

  5) Know Chinese astronauts and spaceships

  6) Other focus: Chinese New Year Flower Production

  K2 and K3 Classes:

  Activities infiltrating Chinese cultural elements into various themes

  K2 Class: Make a decoration with daffodils

  Knead “Tang Yuan” activity

  Do Chinese New Year Cleaning Activities

  K3 Class: Recover Chinese “hundred  family surnames”

  Do traditional paper-cutting activities

  Chinese traditional festivals

  Visit the Sam Tung Uk Museum, Tsuen Wan

   Visit  the Hong Kong History Museum

  2) Whole-school Activities (festive celebration)

   These help children learn about the customs and significance of traditional Chinese festivals, build a good character, cultivate their identification with Chinese culture and national identity, and lay a foundation for the propagation of Chinese culture in the future:

   Mid-Autumn Festival Lantern Carnival

   National Day celebration

   Chinese New Year Fair

   Dragon Boat Festival Activities

  3) Parent-child Activities:

Reading Award Scheme

  Add books related to Chinese culture (such as: Chinese inventions, moral stories,

  etc.) and Hong Kong characteristics, and place them in the classroom for children to

  read or borrow, so as to broaden the parent-child reading experience and cultivate

  children’s understanding and learning of traditional Chinese culture from an early

  age, establishing self- identity.


Records of Activities  (E.g. Children’s Work / Photos / Videos of the activity)
  1) Group Activities: Children’s work productions / Visits

    K1 Class:

     New Year flowers📸

     Panda Ink Painting📸

     K2 Class:

     Decoration using daffodils📸

     Mid-Autumn Festival kneading “Tang Yuan” activity📸

     Chinese New Year Cleaning Activities📸

      K3 Class:

     Recover Chinese “hundred  family surnames”  🎥

     Traditional Paper-cutting Activities📸

     Chinese traditional festivals📸

     Visit the Sam Tung Uk Museum, Tsuen Wan📸

     Visit Hong Kong History Museum📸

  2) Whole-school Activities:

      Mid-Autumn Festival Lantern Carnival📸

      Chinese New Year Fair🎥

      Dragon Boat Festival Activities📸
  3)Parent-child Activities:

      Parent-child “Huichun” Design competition💻