School Profile


Introduction of Peace Evangelical Centre Kindergarten (Shatin)


Peace Evangelical Centre Kindergarten (Shatin) established in September 1988 is one of the four kindergartens founded by Peace Evangelical Centre. Being located at Wai Wah Centre in Shatin, the 4000-square-feet campus accommodates around 190 children.

Like the other three Peace Evangelical Centre Kindergartens, we adopt the model of Foundation Bible Course for Children of the University of Hawaii and the Montessori Curriculum to launch Christian values and the child-centred (i.e. follow the child) Education.  Under our guidance, the character and behavior of children have improved significantly. Their interest and ability in learning have also improved. Therefore, the Peace Evangelical Centre Kindergarten has gained recognition by parents and educational professionals.

Our kindergarten focuses on the importance of children’s spiritual cultivation. We expect our teachers to have good understandings in the Word of God, so as to bring transformation and growth for children. For all of the four Peace Evangelical Centre kindergartens, we have new themes in the spiritual education every year. In addition to regular morning prayer meetings and retreats, there are also two Bible conferences and Teacher-Staff Development days each year. Through these activities, we hope that our teacher can become good role models for our children. Through daily worship, individual talk and activation practices, our teachers walk with our children. By this, we aim to develop children’s character, attitudes and behavior, so they can grow up and become mature learners.

In terms of teaching, we aim to “strive for improvements while raising a child”. Our kindergarten has designed the curriculum for each level in accordance with the “Kindergarten Education Curriculum” implemented by the Education Bureau. They are planned on the basis of Montessori Method, Biblical Foundation Courses, and also Physical and Musical Courses. We wish that children will have an overall and balanced growth, such that they will be facilitated in these areas: Moral, Cognitive, Emotional, Physical and Artistic Development. Our teachers are required to participate in trainings regarding the Montessori Method, Biblical Foundation courses and Disciplinary Instructions.  In addition, they will engage in peer-reviews. They also participate in different kinds of professional training, such as Godly Play, Chinese and English training provided by SCOLAR, Heep Hong Society Support Program, Moral Education, Positive Attitude education, music therapy and “Refined English Enhancement Scheme” etc. For children with special needs, with the assistance of the Heep Hong Society and the Young Women’s Christian Association, our kindergarten invites children to participate in game therapy and social groups to strengthen their emotional management and social skills.

Apart from schooling, the family is also a vital education agent for children. Hence, we regard parents as an important partner for cultivating children. Through the collaboration with the church and the school-based social workers, our kindergarten offers activities and courses like Parent Academy, Parental Talks and Parent Support Groups, etc.  These activities are organized for parents to understand more about their own temperament, knowledge and attitudes so as to improve their self-efficacy.  Not only would we like to provide parents with appropriate knowledge, but also to improve the parent-child relationship. Hence, we organize different parent-child activities at all levels, as well as the publication of the school magazine named ‘Cherish our Children’.  All these allow parents to have a better understanding of our kindergarten and children’s campus life.

Based on the teaching of Jesus Christ, we inculcate our children to love God and others, to try their very best to fulfill their developmental tasks such as willing to learn, good at communicating, courageous in undertaking, brave in innovating and unleashing individual unique potential.  We will continue to uphold the values of Christian education, and build up our kindergartens that please God and welcomed by people around as it has been.