Features of the School-based Curriculum

       The school-based curriculum of our kindergarten is based on the curriculum guide for pre-school education from the Hong Kong Education Bureau, combining with the “Biblical Foundation for Early Childhood Education” and “Montessori Method of Education”. We hope to develop a child-oriented integrated curriculum so as to meet children’s cognitive, physical, emotional, social, aesthetic, cultural and spiritual development needs.

Bible-based Curriculum

      We care about the growth and development of each child. In the curriculum under the Bible foundation courses, we teach children about the Bible, and let them learn about how to love God, others and himself. This helps to cultivate their character such as gratitude, generosity, compassion, honesty, forgiveness, sincere, respect and concentration. In this way, our children can learn to get along with others, the environment and themselves in the nurture of love.

Montessori Method of Education

        A tidy and beautiful Montessori Classroom is located in the kindergarten. It is divided into six specific areas: Daily life, Senses, Mathematics, Language, Culture and Art. Children can learn about abstract concepts through a series of unique, complete and systematic physical teaching aids for their six senses (sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch as well as motor experience).

        In the process, our teachers skillfully create a free learning atmosphere by following and observing our children. These help to train them up to be independent and foster their abilities to correct their own mistakes.

Quality English Teaching



       Our kindergarten has participated in the “Quality English Language Education at Pre-primary Level Project” developed by the Standing Committee on Language Education and Research. Through different English activities such as story reading, games, drama, conversation and singing, an English-learning environment is created for children. By providing enough natural listening and speaking opportunities, we aim to increase children’s interest in learning English, so they can learn English (vocabulary, sentence, pinyin skills, etc.) happily.

Emphasis on reading story books

       Story is a door to open up children’s knowledge and to touch their hearts. Through reading stories, children can learn about all around the world. In addition, they can naturally express their emotions and it can broaden their imagination and establish correct values.

    Therefore, a variety of story books are stored. A morning story reading time is for children and a “Parent-child Reading Incentive Program” is launched to increase children’s interest in reading stories.