Teacher Training

In order to cope with the implementation of the school curriculum, spiritual and professional trainings are regularly provided to all teaching staff.


We believe that education exerts a life on life influence; we pay special attention to teacher’s life development. Other than reading Bibles during the morning assembly every week in order to give reflection and guidance to teachers, we also arrange two sharing sessions from preachers every year in the teacher training days to strengthen their calling from God as a Christian teacher.


Other than that, since 2009, we have invested more than a hundred thousand dollars to invite professional trainers from the Taiwan Chinese Montessori Society to train our teachers. Until now, we have had more than 100 teachers who have undertaken 100 hours of relevant training, including training on Practical Life,  Sensorial, Mathematics, Languages (Chinese and English), and Cultural Education.


We also sent teachers to kindergartens in Taiwan to have practical training and exchange with the local teachers; this can boost our confidence in implementing Montessori Education. Looking forward, we are planning to set up a Montessori Education training centre for teachers. Other than nurturing our teachers, we also hope to benefit those who are determined in learning the Montessori Education.