Christian Education

We believe that Christian Education is a good resort to education since it helps people develop a value from the truth of the Bible, and makes us believe that God has created the universe, and saved the world with His love and care. God has granted us new lives and it leads to progression towards the good and the beautiful of all humankind. This is why we have embedded the values of the Bible into Montessori Education. Our integrated Bible courses can enable our children to realize their visions with the truth of the Bible, and let them grow healthily and intellectually, and to be liked by God and people around. 

 We expect that from carrying out Bible curriculum, children will 


  •  Love God – able to listen to God, proactively pray, worship, appreciate, confess, and intercede.


  • Love themselves – be responsible to their own tasks: willing to learn, able to communicate, be bold to create, willing to take responsibility, unleash their potentials.


  • Love the others – able to peacefully cooperate with others to solve problems, develop a spirit of cooperation, and learn to take responsibility in a group and willing to serve the community.