School-based Learning Activity of Chinese Culture

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School-based Learning Activity of Chinese Culture

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Peace Evangelical Centre Kindergarten (Tin Shui Wai)

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2022-2023   K1-K3
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 Promotion of  “Chinese Culture and Arts” Activities
    • -Enhance students’ understanding of China and nurture their senses of national identity
    • -Let students know more about Chinese traditional customs and cultures through different activities
    • -Experience Chinese traditional activities. Feel the vibe and have fun
    • -Arouse students’ interest in Chinese culture
    • -Enhance students’ understanding of the history of China through different visits
    • -Appreciate Chinese arts
    • -Leverage students’ receptiveness to the country
    • Build good moral characters
 Summary of Activities

 We organized a host of activities to introduce Chinese culture, cuisine, arts etc. so that students could learn about Chinese culture and origins of festivals since childhood and learn to appreciate Chinese arts. These activities also enhanced their senses of national identity.

Through different hands-on activities of the theme/sub-theme: Chinese New Year, the National Day, and Mid-Autumn Festival, K1 students felt the joy and festive vibe. In the theme ‘The World is so Big’, K2 students learnt that Hong Kong was part of China and specialities of China and tried to observe Hong Kong’s geographical location on a map of China. Through the extended activities of the Greenfield book ‘My Mother Country’, students learnt about different Chinese traditional art, including: ink wash painting, paper cutting, designing Chinese opera masks, calligraphy, the evolution of Chinese words and shadow play. Besides, students made and tasted different Chinese food, for example, Tang Hulu, dumplings and Tang Yuan. The Greenfield book ‘Happy Holidays’ cultivated students love to their hometowns.

1.Activities for Different Grades

1.1 K1

  • 1.1.1 ‘Mid-Autumn Festival’

– Learn about Mid-Autumn Festival activities

– Feel the festive vibe of Mid-Autumn Festival

1.1.2 ‘National Day’

-Learn about National Day and the celebration activities
-Know they are Chinese

1.1.3 ‘Chinese New Year’

-Learn about the origin and customs of Chinese New Year
-Enjoy spring cleaning
-Learn the names of different festive food for Chinese New Year

– Be willing to share festive food with friends
– Help students build the habit of responding others politely


1.1.4 ‘Making Tangyuan’

-Know that Tangyuan is one of the festive foods for Chinese New Year

1.1.5 ‘Dragon Boat Festival’

-Learn about the origin of Dragon Boat Festival
-Learn about the food and activities for Dragon Boat Festival
-Learn about how the paddle the dragon boat

-Enhance students’ understanding of traditional culture and customs

  • 1.2 K2

1.2.1 ‘Mid-Autumn Festival’

– Learn about the traditions of Mid-Autumn Festival
– Learn about the festive food for Mid-Autumn Festival
– Feel the festive vibe of Mid-Autumn Festival

1.2.2 ‘National Day’

– Learn about the activities for National Day
-Foster students’ sense of national identity

1.2.3 ‘Chinese New Year’

– Learn about the activities and safety measures for Chinese New Year
-Create Chinese New Year Fai Chun

1.2.4 ‘The World is so Big’

– Learn that Hong Kong is a part of China
– Learn about special features of China

– Observe the geographic location of Hong Kong (on a map of China)

1.2.5 ‘Dragon Boat Festival’

-Learn about the origin and traditions of Dragon Boat Festival

-Learn about the ingredients and procedures of making dumplings

-Help students develop a sense of patriotism

  • 1.3 K3

1.3.1 ‘Mid-Autumn Festival’

-Learn about the tradition of solving the riddles at Mid-Autumn Festival

-Learn about Mid-Autumn Festival traditions: eating moon cakes, enjoying the moon

-Cultivate a heart of sharing and appreciation

1.3.2 ‘National Day’

-Know that the National Day is to celebrate China’s ‘birthday’

-Instill patriotism in students

  • -Help cultivate the correct attitude when the national anthem is played

-Foster students’ respect to the country

1.3.3 ‘Chinese New Year’

-Have a taste of making dumplings

-Learn about different fillings in dumplings

-Master the skill of kneading “Tang Yuan”

-Know that Tang Yuan is a Chinese food

-Learn the skill of kneading

1.3.4 Visiting ‘Hong Kong Museum of History’

-Compare the eating habits and living conditions of ancient people with that of modern people

-Learn about the lives and traditions of boat dwellers


1.3.5 ‘The World is so Big’

-Greenfield book ‘Historic Landmark in Mother Country’, learn about historic landmarks in mother country

-Help students cultivate an attitude of appreciation to their mother country

-Learn about Chinese traditional cultures (ink wash painting, paper cutting and calligraphy)

-Arouse students’ interest in China

-Be able to tell features of different Chinese cultures

-Learn about the origin of Chinese opera masks

-Make Chinese opera masks creatively

-Learn about words from different countries

-Learn about the evolution and features of Chinese words

-Discuss and match hieroglyphs with modern words

-Learn about Chinese art ‘shadow play’

-Make a story for the performance together with the peers

-Cultivate students’ creativity and team spirit

1.3.6 ‘Tanghulu’

-Know that Tanghulu is a Chinese food

-Skewer fruit in different arrangements

-Be willing to share traditional food with families

1.3.7 Greenfield Book ‘Happy Holidays’

-Introduce hometown to students

-Be willing to introduce their hometowns with others

-Help students instill a love of their hometowns

1.3.8 ‘Dragon Boat Festival’

-Learn about the origin of Dragon Boat Festival
-Learn about different parts of dragon boats
-Try to make a dragon boat with different materials

1.3.9 Hong Kong Handover Anniversary

-Learn about Hong Kong Handover Anniversary

-Compare the national flag of China with the flag and emblem of Hong Kong

-Cultivate a sense of belonging to China


School-wide Event

Through mourning former president Jiang Zemin, students knew more about our former president and having different attitudes in different situations. It helped them instill patriotism and taught them the importance of making contributions to the country.

2.1 Mourning Former President Jiang Zemin


3.Family Activities

The Parent-child Lunar New Year Fun Fair was held in order to promote traditional Chinese cultures and provide an opportunity for parents and students of different nationalities to know more about traditional Chinese cultures.

  3.1 Lunar New Year Fun Fair (Parent-child)

Records of Activities  (E.g. Children’s Work / Photos / Videos of the activity)

‘Mid-Autumn Festival’

– Get to know the Mid-Autumn Festival activities📸


‘Chinese New Year’

-Learn about the names of traditional food for Chinese New Year📸

-Try to do spring cleaning📸


Kneading “Tang Yuan”

-Learn the skill of kneading📸



‘Mid-Autumn Festival’

-Learn about popular fruit for Mid-Autumn Festival📸

-Feel the festive food at Mid-Autumn Festival📸


‘Chinese New Year’

-Learn about Chinese New Year activities📸

-Be able to write and decorate Fai Chun📸



‘Mid-Autumn Festival’

-Learn about the tradition of solving riddles at Mid-Autumn Festival📸


‘Chinese New Year’

-Master the skills of making dumplings📸



-Make ‘Tanghulu’(Chinese food)📸


Visiting ‘Hong Kong Museum of History’

-Learn about the lives and traditions of boat dwellers📸


‘The World is so Big’

-Learn about Chinese traditional culture (calligraphy) 📸

-Make Chinese opera masks creatively 📸


‘Dragon Boat Festival’

-Make dragon boats with different materials📸


Parent-child activities

‘Lunar New Year Family Fun Fair’ Activity Day📸