Teaching model

Thematic Montessori Courses:

We cultivate children with good spirituality and characters based on Christian education. We arrange appropriate curriculum according to the guidelines given by the Education Bureau and by using the education spirit of Montessori. We design topics which are compatible with children’s interests. The courses can enhance students’ learning effectiveness and inspire their potential.


 Chinese Language Course:

We pay attention to children’s language and literacy development. Suitable vocabulary courses will be arranged according to children’s learning progress. We will first establish their vocabulary bank in spoken Chinese (including written language). After that, they are able to learn phonetics, morpheme and print concepts one by one. Then, we will teach them the rules of Chinese characters – combination of shape, sound, and meaning which facilitates children to learn Chinese more systematically. After all, children can develop writing and reading skills.


English Language Course:

In the early learning stage, children are sensitive to new languages. We guide them with pronunciations of some familiar words first to facilitate their exploration of the English language. We aim at developing children’s reading habits. So, a large number of both classroom and home reading materials is provided.


Mathematics Course:

The mathematics course is designed by using Montessori concepts. Teachers prepare an open environment for children to learn mathematics. Children could learn from shallow to deep, from concrete to abstract with the help of learning tools. The course is conducted in two teaching modes: mixed-age group and individual. Teachers observe and record the learning progress of children and follow up individually.



Not only does our kindergarten focus on the regular curriculum, but we also pay attention to the comprehensive and balanced development of children. Hence, we organize different courses, for example, physical fitness training, flute classes, chess classes for children. In addition, we promote the concept of “environmental friendly”. We develop a “green” learning environment for our children, for instance, the garden, waste disposal machine and recycling bins, in the hope of educating them the importance of protecting the environment.

Activity 1: Save the Earth- Energy Conservation (Educational Activities)

Activity 2: Installation and replacement of air conditioners (Sponsored by the Environment and Conservation Fund and the Environmental Campaign Committee)