Teaching model

We adopt a whole-class but small-group individual teaching model. There is a Montessori self-learning zone for children every day. We adapt mixed-age grouping model for the K2 and K3 classes, which can enhance the social ability among children. We also set up various zones for languages, Mathematics, sensory, daily life and culture, which all aim to let students take turn to join their self-learning activities in the customized areas. We would have group and individual demonstration to take care of children with different needs, and enhance their concentration and learning time. Last but not least, the art area in the daily life area lets children have more space and freedom to make the best of their creation.

Regarding group learning, we have morning and afternoon assembly, thematic, musical and physical fitness interest classes, which would impenetrate the whole day activities.  Besides, teachers would make use of various game strategies, observation and review to shape images of all children and to increase their learning motivation. A period of time for physical fitness and listening to music help children develop their imagination, creativity, communication ability, as well as their muscle strength. Full-time teachers are arranged for Mandarin and English lessons. Activities like phonetic games are to improve children’s speaking. To wrap up before lesson ends, the daily sharing given by the teaching assistant  to encourage children to share their life experiences.