Words from our Principal

Peace Evangelical Centre Kindergarten is like a garden of God. In the garden, all children are like lovely and beautiful flowers. They are unique and are all making their best efforts to grow and blossom. We are the gardeners who accompany them to make progress each day. In the process, children do not only try hard to learn but also know how to help and give play to their advantages. The uniqueness of our children is the proof of God’s grace and they have always brought joy to all. In the school year of 2013-2014, the Education Bureau conducted a quality review on us. After two and a half days of observation, observers found that our children were attentive, polite with orderly manner, proactively greeting to others. They were willing to follow teachers’ instructions. Afterall, we received positive feedbacks from the observers.  They were aware that all teachers were able to guide the children in accordance with their differences and were able to show their love to the children. The efforts of carrying out our designated educational belief were much appreciated and commended.


The Principal, Chau Yuk Lai