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School-based Learning Activity of Chinese Culture

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Peace Evangelical Centre Kindergarten (Ngau Tau Kok)

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2022-2023   K1-K3
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Promotion of  “Chinese Culture and Arts” Activities

●  Allow children to learn about the country and Chinese culture, to develop a sense of belonging to the country. ●  Cultivate children’s National Concept and National Identity

●  Establish the children’s attitude to abide by laws, protect public property, respect and care for others

●  Allow children to explore continuously and appreciate different traditional Chinese customs

●  Facilitate children and parents to understand traditional culture and traditional Chinese stories

 Summary of Activities
1) Activities sorted by grades:Our kindergarten integrated Chinese cultural elements into different themes at all grade classed, allowing children to explore step by step, consolidate learning, and build a sense of belonging to the country. During the activities, children can learn from an early age that Hong Kong is part of the country and their identity as Chinese. This helps them to have a prelim understanding of the country, the Chinese culture and cultivate their national identity. At the same time, we hope that children can cultivate a good character of Chinese culture, become a good citizen who abides by laws, cares for public property, and respects and cares for others.

●  The K1 unit “Polite Child” trains students to be grateful to those who help them and learn to say kind words.

●  The K2 unit “My Community” teaches students that Hong Kong is part of China, and understands the meaning of the national flag and regional flag, and the etiquette of participating in the flag-raising ceremony.

●  The K3 unit “People from Around the World” allows students to understand the map of China, Chinese famous spots, Chinese festivals and etiquette among Chinese people.

2) Whole-school activities (festival celebrations):

Through sharing, games, and experiential activities, we help children understand the customs and meanings of traditional Chinese festivals, learn to appreciate China’s different traditional cultures and arts, thereby establishing good character, cultivating national identity, and laying the foundation for future promotion of Chinese culture.

●  Mid-Autumn Festival (Lantern Festival)

●  National Day Celebration: It’ s China’s birthday

●  Chinese New Year’s Eve activities

●  Culture Sharing Day: Small eyes seeing the big world

3) Parent-child activities:

●  Parent-child reading award program

By adding books about the Chinese culture (such as Chinese inventions, traditional festivals, moral stories, etc.) and Hong Kong characteristics, placing them in the classroom for children to read or borrow, we wish to broaden the reading experience of parents and children, and cultivate children’s understanding of and love towards the traditional Chinese culture, and also to establish personal identity.

●  The Parent-child “Welcome the Year of Rabbit” Chinese New Year’s Eve Booth and Chinese Costume Day

Parents and children are invited to dress up in Chinese costumes and participate in the New Year’s Eve stall games in the kindergarten. The games are especially designed by our teachers, thereby enhancing parent-child relationships and setting a joyful atmosphere of blessing each other during the festival. At the same time, we wish that parents and children can understand and appreciate the traditional customs and cultural significance of Chinese New Year.

Records of Activities  (E.g. Children’s Work / Photos / Videos of the activity)
  1) Group Activities: Children’s work productions / Visits ●  K1 Class:

I love my community

Thank you postman

Make thank you cards

●  K2 Class:

My Hong Kong

Lion dance activity

My community.

●  K3 Class:

I am Chinese

The Great Wall of China

Famous places in China

  2) Whole-school Activities:

●  Mid-Autumn Festival Lantern Carnival

●  National Day Celebration : China’s Birthday

●  Chinese New Year Fair

●  Cultural Sharing Days

  3)Parent-child Activities:

Panda’s stories

Mid-Autumn Festival

Chinese New Year

Moral and Character Stories