Support to NCS children

Children are independent individuals, they have different personalities, abilities and interests, and different paces of development. They are different in language, culture and living habits. The kindergarten takes “child-oriented” as the core value of our curriculum. Teachers care and accept children, understand their individual needs, and uphold the principle of inclusiveness, so that children can develop their strengths and maximize their potential.

For non-Chinese speaking students who “speaks Chinese as their second language”, we have the following support measures:

A Culturally Inclusive Campus:

  • Incorporate flexible curriculum design and diversified teaching strategies, so as to create an inclusive learning environment for non-Chinese speaking children and reduce racial segregation.
  • Organize cultural inclusive activities to promote cross-racial and cross-cultural understanding and exchanges. Promote children’s learning and development through a whole school participation model.
  • Encourage local children to establish friendship with non-Chinese speaking children, help them to understand classroom activities, and promote Chinese language development.
  • Encourage children to learn and live together, to respect and accept each other, and cultivate positive values.

Chinese Study Groups:

  • We set up Chinese learning groups for non-Chinese speaking children. Through stories, games and interesting teaching activities, non-Chinese speaking children can gain interest in learning Chinese, so as to establish simple daily vocabulary and words
  • We arrange teachers to take non-Chinese language education courses, such as “C-for- Chinese@JC” Program to provide learning support for non-Chinese speaking students.
  • We participate in the school-based support program organized by the University of Hong Kong: “(Growth 2) Professional Support Services on Enhancing the Learning and Teaching of Chinese for Non-Chinese Speaking Students in Kindergartens and Primary Schools as well as Facilitating Their Non-Chinese Speaking Students’ Smooth Transition” , and “Start from the beginning — Chinese Supporting Scheme for Non-Chinese Speaking Students in Kindergarten”

A Learning Environment Rich in Different Languages:

  • Our classrooms are full of Chinese learning elements. Through textbooks, books and games on the wall, we wish to motivate and boost the interest of non-Chinese speaking to learn Chinese.
  • We provide a pleasant and effective learning experience, so as to build the self-esteem and confidence of non-Chinese speaking children in learning Chinese.

Parent support:

  • We invite individual non-Chinese-speaking parents to assist in the promotion of activities, or to provide translations for non-Chinese-speaking parents to understand our kindergarten.
  • We employ translation services to write notices, school materials and assessment materials in English for non-Chinese speaking parents, so that parents can better understand the school situation and their children’s learning progress.

If you have any enquiry, please call 2776 9285 in office hour or email to us