Education Bureau –Admission Arrangements for Nursery (K1) Classes in Kindergartens for the 2022/23 School Year

Information on Admission to K1 Classes in the 2023/24 School Year

(Children born on or before 31 Dec 2020)


Collect Application Forms (No set quota):

  1. Download forms from school website
  2. Obtain forms from school in person


Submit Application Forms (No set quota):

  1. Date : Application starts from 13 June 2022 (Monday)
  2. Method : by postage or putting in the letterbox located next to the door of our kindergarten, together with the following documents required:

a. completed application form with photos affixed;

b. the photocopy of applicant child’s Hong Kong Birth Certificate or Birth Certificate (non-local) and document(s) permitting him / her to stay in Hong Kong;

c. vaccination record (photocopies of both the front and back pages);

d. three envelopes(children’s name,self-addressed (children’s home) with stamps);

e. Application fee HK$40 cash or check (the application fee is non-returnable whether the application is successful or not).

*  We cannot process the application if there are any missing documents.

* If submit the applications by post, please ensure the postage fee is enough.

  1. Remarks:

a. Kindergarten will decide whether or not to continue to accept the application form after the deadline.

b. We will send out the interview notice by post from Mid-August to September 2022. If you do not receive by then, please call the school for enquiry.

c. We will set up a briefing for kindergartens and visit the school environment on 24 September 2022 (Saturday).

*For details and registration, please read the following leaflet:

Application for the “2023/24 Registration Certificate for Kindergarten Admission”

Parents are required to submit an application during September to November 2022 for the “2023/24 Registration Certificate for Kindergarten Admission” (hereafter referred as “2023/24 RC”) to EDB. The “2023/24 RC” will be open for applications in September 2022 and EDB will announce and upload the details of application onto EDB’s website in due course.

Admission Criteria

  1. Interview performance.
  2. The applicant with sibling(s) currently studying in the kindergarten will be given due priority consideration.
  3. Parents agree with the school’s educational philosophy.
  4. Live nearby the kindergarten or a location that the school bus services.
  5. The applicant from families in need will be given due priority consideration when applying for whole day classes.

*As the number of school places is limited, please understand that not all applicants fulfilling the priority consideration will be guaranteed.

*Total No. of Permitted Accommodation for this year is 29 for whole day class, 29 students for half-day class.


Interview Arrangements

Date : 5 November 2022 (Saturday)

Time : You will be informed the interview time.

Format : Face-to-face group interview  *Only one adult could accompany his/her child during the interview

*Form of the interview may be changed in view of the epidemic or weather . Our school would inform parents of the latest arrangements on whatsapp.

*Please contact us at 2776 9285 if interpretation / translation service if required.


Announcement of Admission Results

We will inform parents of the K1 interview results before 16 December 2022 by post(Including Successful applicants and Applicants on the waiting list ).


Registration Arrangements


Arrangements for Non-Chinese Speaking Children

*Please contact us at 2776 9285 if interpretation / translation service if required.

Parents may take a relative or a friend who speaks Cantonese or English to our school for the interview.

Enquiry : Please call 2776 9285 (Miss Hung)