Learning objectives for each level


Adaption to the kindergarten
To build up sense of security in a respective, acceptive, safe and secure environment.


Learning for self-care and develop daily routines
Improve hand-eye coordination and develop independency and confidence by practice.


Increase their ability of concentration and observation
Through a variety of matching activities, children are guided to observe to understand the attributes of objects.


Develop a mind of creation
Observe things from multiple angles, explore and try boldly, and experience the fun of creation.


Establish a correct pen-holding posture
Through using appropriate writing tools and positive encouragement, children’s flexibility in correctly controlling the penholder be improved.


Emotional and social development
Having more experiences in group interaction, understand more about themselves, and establish the right attitude to get along with others.



Emergent literacy
To guide children to pay attention to surrounding text, and explore the text structure system, stimulate their interest in using text communication.


Development of rational thinking
By using concrete objects, children can develop problem-solving skills from observation, questioning and making analysis.


Pathing the way to primary schooling
Children can be physically, mentally and behaviorally prepared for primary schooling through various forms of activities throughout the school year.