Teaching model

        Through a variety of activities, such as themed games, outdoor visits, group experiments, daily sharings, group discussion and present, our kindergarten allows children to learn from experience, observation, exploration, thinking and solving problems. In the process, there are a lot of teacher-children and children-children interactions. We see the importance of each child’s participation, for children can learn to listen to others’ thoughts, and to express their own opinions. This can help them build up their self-confidence, develop a right attitude and increase their cooperation with others as well as improve their social and communication skills.


        In addition, we respect children’s individual differences and try their best to help them become active learners. Therefore, in the Montessori classroom, children can choose teaching aids according to their own learning progress and interests. In this way, children’s interest and sense of achievement become the driving force and reinforcement for their learning. This can also increase their interest of learning.