Family and School Collaboration

【The Family Ministry Committee】

        The philosophy of the Peace Evangelical Center Kindergarten (Ngau Tau Kok) is to provide Christian values-based quality early childhood education and to facilitate the overall growth of children. To achieve the mentioned goal, we need a closed cooperation between parents and the school. Therefore, in addition to providing quality early childhood education, the kindergarten has established a Family Ministry Department in partnership with Ngau Tau Kok Peace Evangelical Centre. We aim to understand more about the needs of families and provide support to parents about how to educate their children. On Thursday mornings and afternoons, we hold “Parent Academy”. In order to increase our contact with parents, we talk to and visit parents during school time to establish parent-school relationships, and also to provide spiritual follow-up and care. On Wednesday mornings, we have “JOY groups” for parents. We also provide individual care, counselling and referral services on a case-by-case basis.

          In response to the difficulties of some parents in teaching English to their children, the Family Ministry Department has arranged “Intensive English training classes” for children on weekdays and Saturdays. Parents are encouraged to bring along their children to “children Sunday School” so that they are able to have a chance to understand the love of Jesus, and to enhance their social and communication skills. When our students graduate, we encourage them to take part in the “JC Little Leader Training Program” and the “Teens Development Program”. These programs provide children with a sustained care on their work, character and spirit.

英語加強班 J C 小領袖計劃



 The Family Ministry Committee Members:

 Ministers︰  Mr. Liu Chi Ming

                      Ms. Chan Fung Mei

                      Mr. Yip Sui Lam

 Children Ministry Officer︰Ms. Wang Po Yee

 Parent Caring Ministry Officer︰Ms. Chan Shui Ling

 Parent Caring Ministry Officer︰Ms. Chiu Lai Jing

【Sharing From Our Social Worker】

          The biggest learning as a social worker is “listening”.

          When we are working in kindergartens, “new” things happen every day because every child is unique, creative, improvisational… When I listen to them, some come with joyful faces, some with tears, and some with anger. No matter in what mood our children come into the kindergarten, we listen carefully, patiently to their “story”. By this, we find there must be someone or something that make them so excited or angry!


          We live in a speed-conscious society, and it’s easy to miss out on the bits of children’s growth… Before they go to school, they are still babbling. At that time, parents always want their children to grow up quickly. Yet, when children know how to talk, communicate and even talk back, we are not that glad at all. To understand them better, let’s try listen to their voices and think carefully about their needs. Parents may have a different understanding for their children’s “voices”.


          As a matter of fact, taking care of children is not easy. I deeply understand parents’ worry and stress on their children’s development. Therefore, I am eager to listen to the aspirations of parents so that I can work with the kindergarten side by side to cultivate our children, bring help and encouragement to them!

Ms. Wang




photo 31-5-2016